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For the past several years, destination weddings, where couples travel to a special place for their weddings, have been gaining in popularity. Reasons for this phenomenon include a desire to have an intimate wedding inviting only a few close friends and family, who may be from different parts of the country, combining your wedding and your honeymoon, convenience, or just wanting to be different and unique.

The challenge is to find the ideal setting that will exude the perfect romantic appeal, and at the same time making sure your destination is a fun place for you and your guests. After all, your guests may have traveled many miles for this event. Why shouldn't they have a fun time celebrating this sacred and joyous occasion? ....read more>>

Current Featured Destinations

Safari Weddings - South Africa Game Reserve

    Many couples are avoiding the stress that goes hand in hand with this epic day by choosing to hold their weddings at resorts or hotels which take the majority of planning away from the bride, groom and their families; allowing them to focus on the real reason they are all there love.

    Imagine exchanging your wedding vows whilst the African sun sets behind you, overlooking the wilderness plains where the wild animals roam free. A wedding on a private game reserve in South Africa is something your wedding guests will talk of for years to come....read more about getting married at a South Africa Game Reserve >>


    Many Gatlinburg wedding chapels have a traditional church atmosphere. The typical Gatlinburg wedding chapel is a beautiful white building with glass chandeliers, stained glass windows, and even gazebos and garden areas for outstanding photographs. Most chapels can accommodate 50 to 80 guests, with the costs of chapel wedding packages ranging from $300 to over $3,000. Receptions hosted by Gatlinburg wedding chapels can cost an additional $2,000 to $4,000.

    A private cabin wedding allows for a more customized and casual event. In addition, if guests, food, and photographers are minimized, such weddings are also highly economical. The cost of a minister for such a ceremony can cost as little as $99. Each year many sweethearts enjoy this thrill of a lifetime a private wedding in their own romantic Gatlinburg cabin, complete with a hot tub, fireplace and stunning mountain views.....read more about Gatlinburg >>

Beachfront or Jungle Wedding in Kenya Followed by Safari Honeymoon

    Kenya has a wide range of wedding locations. You can have a wedding right inside the jungle wilderness amid the lions and elephants. One can also have a wedding in the sandy white beaches of the Kenya coast. A wedding can also be hosted in a 5 star city hotel with all the glamour anyone can imagine. A wedding can also be held in the country side surrounded my tradition and culture of that community. Be it a civil, traditional or a religious wedding, a wedding in Kenya is bound to be as stress-free and as hassle-free as anyone can wish for.....read more about Kanya >>

Pet Friendly Venues for Weddings, Honeymoons or Romantic Getaways

    Some inns simply allow dogs, while others truly give dogs the royal treatment. This spring, with the publication of the new edition of The Dog Lover's Companion to California, the most dog-friendly inns will receive our coveted Golden Bone Award. We will be awarding a record number this year, because so many lodgings and restaurants are really rolling out the red carpet for canines.

    The top chains, including Loews, Kimpton, Westin, and W hotels are extremely accommodating to dogs. Most have programs where dog guests get various treats and goodies, including dog beds, bowls, gourmet food and water, and sometimes even doggy massages. Kind of makes me wish I were a dog. I would bring a date, get a massage, toast with some gourmet water, crunch a few high-class biscuits, and snuggle up on my ultra comfy dog bed. But with my travel budget, Motel 6 is often my home away from home. (A tidbit for the budget romantic traveler: Every Motel 6 allows at least one pet per room. And as Tom Bodett says, cheap rooms and expensive rooms look the same with the lights off.)

    Smaller romantic inns abound, and are definitely the favorite of most romantically inclined couples with dogs. Here are a couple of examples, taken from the upcoming edition of The Dog Lover's Companion to California....read more>>
St. Augustine, Florida
    How would you like to tie the knot where much of the Spanish architecture and cultural beauty of the 16th century have for the most part been preserved?

    Imagine being able to celebrate your wedding in one of the scenic, historic or cultural St. Augustine venues or one of the scores of beautiful gardens that will create memories lasting a lifetime.

    Rest assured, a wedding celebrated in St. Augustine will have friends and relatives reminiscing for years about your legendary wedding.

    Best of all, for the guests and even the honeymoon couple, who wish to vacation in St. Augustine after the "big day," this fascinating city offers the best in accommodations, restaurants and attractions without the lines and crowds that intrude on romantic getaways experienced in other destinations.....read more>>
Casa de la Paz- St. Augustine, Florida
    Not far from the City Gates and the old Castillos de San Marcos and overlooking Matanzas Bay is an elegant and homey inn, Casa De La Paz, an inn that is very close to all of the wonderful and interesting attractions of the oldest city in America; only a stone's throw away from shopping, restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, museums, and the many historical "must see" venues.

    An inn that's allegedly haunted--and offers some great wedding packages as well! ....read more>>


    You can't beat Minnesotta in the fall. The mild temperatures and stable atmosphere of autumn results in lots of sunshine and very little rain. This ideal weather often lasts well into November and sometimes even December. Late September through early October is my pick for the absolute best time to travel across the state; not only is the weather ideal, but you'll find fall colors, fewer visitors than during the busy summer, off-season discounts, and no mosquitoes. The one exception to the fewer visitors rule is that hotels along the North Shore of Lake Superior are booked solid during the fall color season. ....read more>>

Mystic Country Rhode Island - Connecticut

    Mystic Country
    With so much to experience in beautiful Mystic Country, it's no wonder people travel from all over the world to explore this region of eastern Connecticut and southwestern Rhode Island.

New Jersey

    To my mind, few places on the East Coast are more romantic than Cape May, New Jersey. Located at the southernmost part of the state on the Atlantic Ocean, Cape May was built in the 19th century as a resort town for wealthy Philadelphians trying to escape the heat of summer in the city. The whole town is a historical landmark, and it has a fabulous array of well- kept Victorian homes. Many have been converted to Bed and Breakfast Inns, some of which can be rented for weddings. In addition, anyone of them would be perfect for a romantic getaway for two. For large ceremonies there are several hotels, the queen of which is the recently restored CONGRESS HALL HOTEL.....read more>>

Riviera Maya - Mexico

    Tulum - As a unique place bounded by wild nature and beautiful beaches, it is quiet, natural and private as well, with small cabanas and hotels including some with Caribbean spas. Close to the archaeological site, you can feel the energy and mysticism of this historical region.

    Playa Paradise - Wide white beaches, comfortable facilities and the marvellous Caribbean Sea

    Punta Maroma. - Features small luxury resorts and spas with unexpected personal service and impeccable privacy

    Playa del Carmen. - Beautiful beaches, fun nightlife, close to everything. This is the Corazon "the heart" - of the Riviera Maya, where the beaches are spectacular and romance floats along with the Caribbean breezes. Coming to life at night, gourmet restaurants abound along with Cuban nightclubs, fun beach clubs, live music and more

    Playa car. - Just minutes from the town of Playa del Carmen, the perfect combination between the leisure and romance of a private hotel zone with twelve different hotel options to enjoy a wedding and honeymoon on the beach. Each resort has its own unique tropical style and amenities. Golf and water sports are always only a few minutes from your touch.....read more>>


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