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How romantic could a night in a barn, a hayloft, or a greenhouse be? ..... If they're the ones at Hastings House on Salt Spring Island, one night just won't be long enough!

    A winding path bordered by a colourful display of crocuses and daffs led us to the Barn, where we would spend the night. Although the rough cedar exterior somewhat resembles a farm structure, each interior of these sumptuous suites are far from what it may sound like! All the personal touches and attention to detail gives Hastings House the exceptional reputation they so well deserve. A beautifully penned name card welcomed us to our Sealoft suite and the fireplace was prepared and waiting for us to enjoy. Sunlight flooded through skylights onto peaked, wood-beamed ceilings and warm French vanilla walls. Wedgewood blue florals dressed the down duvet, complementing two deep blue wing chairs in the sitting area. The view from its bay window looked over peaceful gardens to the ocean beyond.....read more about Salt Spring Island >>

Honeymoon Trends

    While the traditional vows endure, the ways to celebrate a marriage have changed right along with the travel industry. Today's honeymooner may be looking for value, adventure, or variety and searching for a getaway that's as exotic as a stay in a private European castle or nearby as a local bed-and-breakfast inn....read more>>

St. John

    ...are the two of your looking for a back to nature honeymoon? Campgrounds in the island's national park give you the chance to play Adam and Eve in as much or as little luxury as you choose. Opt for tent camping, screened shelters, or eco-conscious cabins...read more>>

Marital Bliss - Honeymoon Cruise

    A Honeymoon Cruise as the name suggests offers a gateway to paradise for honeymooners away from the pressures of daily life and enjoy the bliss of togetherness. This provides an opportunity for you to start your married life in a state of togetherness by exploring the unknown and enjoying nature and life.

    The Honeymoon cruise offers the comforts of a five star luxury and provides a period of unending excitement, adventure, the opportunity to get to know each other and enjoying life as nature had wanted it to be. ...read more>>

Honeymoon Hot Destinations
    Ahh, the honeymoon, whether it be a trip to Vegas or a quiet beach hideaway it will always be remembered as one of the best and most important vacations you've ever gone on. Here's the Wedding Wonderful hotlist of great honeymoons. ....read more>>

New England Cabins & Cottages

    When I married this summer, I rented an old summer camp. My guests played in the lake, ate, danced in the main lodge, and stayed over in the cabins. Everyone had a deliriously childlike and cozy experience. Cabins and cottages allow for that nice combination of carefree enthusiasm, us-against-the-elements adventuring spirit, and romance somehow. (And it doesn't hurt that many of them have fireplaces, wood stoves, or hot tubs.). ....read more>>


    For honeymooners, Wine & Roses was selected as one of the top 10 Most Romantic Inns. Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, it is located in Lodi, California. With a reputation for excellent food, lodging and service, it is no wonder that past guests have included the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Martha Stewart....read more>>

Great White Shark Diving

    The Great White expedition-that's a must! I mean, come on now, you have newly weds, big sharks, lot's of action, great food and private accommodations on board a 90 dive boat. When I get married I will probably do this one with a few friends, that's if my wife agrees to it!....read more>>


    If a formal wedding in a cathedral followed by a reception in an elegant hotel is of interest, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh both come to mind. A small intimate wedding? A friend of mine and his bride and their families performed a Quaker ceremony on a covered bridge outside a small B&B in the Laurel Highlands. You can spend your romantic getaway fly-casting in a clear stream without another soul in sight, and retire to a blazing fire and a glass of wine in a cabin, or walk all day from museum to museum, stopping only to have sushi for lunch, Indian for dinner, then try a club or two for jazz, comedy, or dancing....read more about weddings or honeymoons in Pennsylvania >>

Romantic and Unique Hotels Around the World

    Could you recommend to our readers six of the most romantic and unique hotels in the world, and why do you consider them to be so unique and romantic?.....

    **The Soneva Fushi Resort in the Maldives. For the sun, the white beaches, the fabulous food and divine sunsets.

    **Le Hameau Albert 1er in Chamonix-France. Part of the famous Relais & Château chain. It's lovely to spend the day outside, walking or skiing, and to enjoy finally a warm wood fire and a good glass of wine. And here, the wine and everything else is perfect ! They have 20 000 bottles in their cellar !

    **The Dorchester-London. A must in London. British style and elegance all the way.

    **The Mission Ranch, Carmel. I love the cosy atmosphere, the soup of the day !, the unpretentious style and the charming town of Carmel. It's reminds me of Chile.

    **Hotel Janelas Verdes-Lisbon. A literary haunt. A well-kept secret. I felt in love with the place the first time I climbed the stone steps hidden among the plants and flowers....read more>>


    Madrid is a lively city and there are many outdoor plazas and venues that are romantic. Being a late night city, some are especially spectacular in the evening.

    Madrid's City Park, El Parque del Buen Retiro, is perfect for a romantic stroll especially on a Sunday afternoon. Rent a rowboat on the small city lake in the heart of the park

    Plaza Mayor at midnight the majestic vistas of this beautiful courtyard are wonderful at night where you can sit in an outdoor café and people watch.

    Café Gijon, an old world restaurant and café, which for over 100 years, has been the hangout of the literary and political glitterati of the city, has a special charm.....read more about romantic destinations in Spain >>

St. Petersburg Russia - Lake Ladoga

    The lake (some 100 km from St.Petersburg) is as huge as a sea, and like any sea, it can be rough and stormy.

    The sailboats are not big enough to risk sailing in the open lake, as a result sail trips are confined to the scurries of the lake and short sallies into the open.

    It is all quite safe. When the lake is rough there is quiet water in a bay. I remember a stormy night, which we spent on a small island. One side of the island overlooked the lake. There the wind was hailing, the trees were bending, and the waves beat against the rocks. (Quite an impression). The other side overlooked a bay. There was a full quiet in the air and still water in the bay!

    The contrast itself impressed us a lot. Stormy weather does not last long on Lake Ladoga. The bays of Lake Ladoga are very picturesque with rocks that are sometimes very rough and bare, topped with forests. We visit many uninhibited islands and lovers of nature will enjoy the adventure.

    For foreign tourists the best option is the 4 day/3 night long sailing. Such trips begin on Thursday morning and end on Friday evening. If you are individual travelers, you will join a group. Price is very moderate- EURO 150 for one person, all-inclusive....read more about St. Petersburg Russia >>

Adventure Travel

    Would you like to combine a romantic honeymoon with the thrill of Adventure Travel that includes dude ranches, ATV vacations, houseboating, whitewater rafting, heli-skiing, ecotourism, bicycle tours and mountain biking? Timothy E Gordon, Editor/Publisher of Gordon's Guide Adventure & Active Travel Publications has some suggestions......
    Finca Oro, Gold Ranch, in Palomo, Costa Rica is truly a wonder. Travelers live high in a private, secluded cloud forest away from the city and tourists. Guests will experience spectacular views, and the wonder of the world's most pristine cloud forests.

    Another ecotourism destination that comes to mind is Maui Eco-Adventures. While there, guests can hike Maui's rainforests and view spectacular waterfalls, Haleakala Crater, Kahakuloa Village and other treasures hidden on private property.

    Other Island resorts such as Turtle Island in Fiji and Melia Cozumel in Quintana Roo, Mexico are fabulous. Turtle Island is a private Island in the Yasawa Island Group in the South Pacific and is best known as providing the spectacular backdrop for the Blue Lagoon films. Melia Cozumel is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches....read more about Adventure Travel >>

Adventure Travel with Adventure Junkies of New Zealand

Mystic Country Rhode Island - Connecticut

    Mystic Country
    With so much to experience in beautiful Mystic Country, it's no wonder people travel from all over the world to explore this region of eastern Connecticut and southwestern Rhode Island.


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