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Destinations -- Asia, Africa, Russia & Other


    Large fancy hotels are readily available, with the best and widest selection obviously being in Beijing and Shanghai. Restaurants make another good venue, and Letís Go: China lists many of the best restaurants in Beijing. Book months in advance for celebrations in June and August, popular wedding months in China.

    China also excels in gorgeously done wedding photo shoots, often involving lavish sets and costumes, professional make-up artists, and more. Popular options include traditional Chinese wedding garb, emperor and empress outfits, and turn of the century cheongsam robes. A full set often includes an entire albumís worth of photos, the cost of which averages US125-300.... read more>>


    Bhutan offers something for everyone unique, adventurous honeymoons, leisurely photo tours, Buddhism study-cum-pilgrimage tours, conferences, eco-tourism, trekking and cultural Tours. We also offer special interest Tours for those who wish to study and see the flora and fauna of Bhutan. Elderly or young, you should not miss Bhutan. It will change your way of thinking for sure!

    From my own experience, the Laya-Lingshi trek (14 - 17 days) is truly memorable, trek to the highest village, on the border with Tibet and enjoy wonderful mountain scenery and unique meetings with the locals.... read more>>


    Imagine taking a quad bike out on the vast Makgadigadi Salt Pans to find dinner around a remote campfire and a beautiful bed set up for you under the stars nothing beats that experience.

    A little more rustic, but no less romantic is a two night mokoro (dug-out canoe) trail through the Okavango Delta. Camp out in style under tall makalani palms on and island and only share it with two other people, your guide and camps staff.

    Every evening, about an hour before sunset, the light in Botswana softens, the temperature cools and the animals get playful. Whether on a boat in a lily filled lagoon or overlooking a pool of hippos, sunset in Botswana never fails to be romantic and the colours are different each night!.... read more>>

Southeast Asia

    There are so many wonderful reasons to visit Southeast Asia as part of your romantic getaway, honeymoon or wedding. Southeast Asia is one of those few places that steals your soul and wonít give it back. The people are so friendly and so hospitable. They will cater to your every need. The culture is so exotic and the history is so rich. You wonít be able to get enough of it. Visually, it is so romantic, so beautiful. So few Americans have traveled to Southeast Asia, it is filled with intrigue. People travel to Southeast Asia with such low expectations and come back wanting more....read more>>

Taj Mahal

    After experiencing the Taj Mahal, I was motivated to spend the next five years of my life writing Beneath a Marble Sky. So, it's fair to say that the mausoleum had a profound impact upon me. If you'll indulge me for a moment, I'll describe my experience to you as best as I can.

    By luck rather than design, my wife and I arrived at the mausoleum early and were the first visitors onto the grounds. To be honest, stepping through the vast sandstone gate was like immersing myself into a photo. The Taj Mahal glistened in the light of dawn, glowing like a sculpted ember. The day was still, the only movement from birds wheeling about the tear-shaped dome.

    At first glance, the Taj looked seamless to me, as though it had been hewn from a single piece of ivory. It was smooth and soaring, and I found it impossible to believe that human hands crafted it so long ago. In my many travels, I'd seen nothing like it. It wasn't boastful like so many celebrated monuments. It didn't seek to intimidate, to define my thoughts on it. Instead, it seemed to invite creative interpretation. I thought it looked like the woman it was built to celebrate, abounding with smooth curves and grace.....read more>>


    For a romantic getaway / honeymoon in Vietnam:

    ***The luxurious, high-end Evason Hideaway at Ana Mandara, (near Nha Trang). It's in a tropical, lush sanctuary on deserted Ninh Van Bay and you have your own private villa with pool.

    *** Hoi An Riverside Resort, a stunning French-Vietnamese boutique hotel in Balinese-style gardens along a river in the ancient port town of Hoi An, is perfect, and they can arrange honeymoon packages and traditional riverside wedding ceremonies.

    ***Chartering a luxury, traditional Chinese Junk boat around mystical and stunning Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam, is wonderful for a romantic getaway, wedding reception, or even a sunset on deck wedding ceremony with a difference!

    ***Also for wedding receptions, Moon River Retreat - situated in a village along the Red River, 7km from Hanoi, with exquisitely decorated, traditional Northern Vietnamese guestrooms and restaurant. Evening wedding receptions can be held at the old riverside courtyard, adorned with Buddha statues, exotic blooms, candles and silk lanterns hanging from fragrant trees.

    ***For the actual wedding ceremony I would choose to be near water or on a beach, preferably at sunset. The Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Australia, with its gazebo in lovely tropical gardens, alongside magnificent Sydney Harbour; or a beach-side ceremony on Hayman Island, a luxury resort island on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, or one of the luxury Oberoi Resorts, especially Oberoi Bali, with a traditional Balinese wedding on their beach-side grounds. But the place I have set my heart on if I ever get married (ha ha ha) is the Four Seasons Resort Bali, Jimbaran Bay, Bali, set on a dramatic hilltop overlooking the bay. They can arrange exotic Balinese weddings in the grounds of your private villa (complete with separate sleeping, bathing and living pavilions, plus plunge pool with ocean views). .....read more>>

Southern Africa Safari

    There are so many romantic safari options. Safaris provide an incredible opportunity to literally escape to untouched, wild, incredibly beautiful places in Africa. Discovering and reconnecting with your natural spirit is a wonderful romantic getaway.

    Let me try to just narrow it down to eight romantic options:

    ***North Island (the Seychelles) - This is the romantic getaway par excellence, the perfect island retreat only you don't get much more exclusive than this, with only 11 villas on the entire island! Long walks on any of the four beaches at the four points of the compass a beautiful sala, swimming pool, stunning cuisine, and a spa, all combine to create barefoot luxury, North Island's central philosophy.

    ***Little Ongava - Arguably Namibia's most comfortable accommodation, exclusive without being indulgent, Little Ongava offers an extraordinary experience from which to focus your Etosha journey. This is an intimate and exclusive lodge, with only three spacious, private and luxurious suites each with its own plunge pool, en-suite bathroom, a sala, and outdoor al fresco shower. The dining and lounge area has a wonderful view of the waterhole below the camp and lends itself to relaxed, stylish dining under an African sky or under thatch.

    ***Kaya Mawa - Rated by Condť Nast Magazine as one of the planet's 10 most romantic destinations, Kaya Mawa is located on the south-western tip of Likoma Island in the far north-east of Lake Malawi, close to Mozambique. The island is covered with mango trees and ancient baobabs and encircled by glorious sandy beaches and rocky coves. Eight stone and teak-framed thatched cottages have a panoramic view of the lake and private terraces with direct access to the water. Each one has en-suite bathroom facilities, a four-poster bed, shower, and a sunken stone bathtub. There is a honeymoon chalet with incredible views tucked away on its own private island......read more>>


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