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Wedding Bagpipes

    Long after the cake has been enjoyed and the flowers are gone, one of the most cherished memories of a wedding will be the sound of the Great Highland Bagpipes. Most brides desire a unique flavor to their ceremony and this definitely fills the bill, whether they are of Scottish/Irish ancestry or not. These are suggestions, ideas, and experiences for having bagpipes as part of the wedding day. Considering the cost of weddings, bagpipe music is one of the least expensive, yet most memorable touches to a ceremony. It's one thing your family and guests won't forget.......read more >>

    Aitutaki in the Cooks: For the scenery there's something really romantic about swaying palm trees, balmy weather and green-blue warm waters (I'm yet to see any artist reproduce these colours). But, more than this, I think it's that rhythm of island time that I've mentioned. You absorb the slower pace and are away from the routine of computers, traffic and deadlines. Choosing one place is hard for me, but I will go with the island of Aitutaki in the Cooks (about a 50 minute flight from the main island of Rarotonga). This huge lagoon (a volcanic crater) is just stunning, the local people are welcoming and there are some excellent accommodation properties and restaurants......read more>>

Game Safari - Tanzania and Zanzibar

    The ideal location for a honeymoon must be Tanzania, the game safari followed by an idyllic retreat to one of the islands on the Zanzibar archipelago. These richly spiced islands surrounded by the warm, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean make Tanzania an ideal honeymoon destination.....read more>>


    Magnolia Gardens in South Carolina - Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is another dramatic place to hold a wedding, especially during the spring time when the gardens are in full bloom. There is a beautiful white bridge serving as a backdrop that makes a gorgeous site, also, a gazebo. Since the trend in Charleston is to host a wedding outside near the gardens, Magnolia Plantation is definitely a romantic place to make the special, romantic times of a wedding spectacular......read more>>


    Getting married on the Glacier is, by far, my favorite wedding venue. The natural cathedral created by the mountains flanking the glacier is spectacular. The venue is very private, unique and exciting. Though adventurous, folks from 20 to 75 have enjoyed their weddings atop the glacier. ...read more>>

Golf or Country Club

    For A Golf Theme Wedding, You Can't Beat The Renaissance Resort At World Golf Village - St. Augustine, Florida....Julie Tarner, Social Catering Manager and certified wedding planner at the Renaissance Resort, pointed out to us that the Renaissance often works hand in hand with the Hall of Fame. Notwithstanding that both are distinct entities, there is no need to deal separately with each venue. Julie or one of her co-workers can take care of all of your wedding arrangements in both venues.

    With this in mind, we began to realize the multitude of possibilities available. With a little creativity combined with the expertise of the resort`s personnel, you certainly can come up with a very distinctive wedding....read more about the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida >>


    Blue Ridge Mountains: For a memorable wedding event in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is no finer setting or more versatile facilities than those at Brasstown Valley Resort. Here you will find beautiful outdoor backdrops and lodge style environments. Our romantic Grand Ballroom can accommodate a 450-person cocktail reception or a seated dinner for 300 people. If you prefer a more casual setting, you can consider our lovely open-air Sunset Pavilion, the sliding glass enclosed Creekside Pavilion, or the beautiful waterfall lawn. The Sunset Pavilion, appropriately named by the way, features a stone barbeque, cooking grill, and picnic tables plus volleyball court, horseshoe pits, and a massive evening fireplace....Brasstown Valley Resort - Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

Resorts and Hotels

River Cruises

    The variety of places to see and the time of year to travel actually make most of them romantic. The European winters are shorter and less cold than most of the US so a romantic Valentine's Day cruise is quite possible. Vienna, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice are all places you can visit while on a river cruise, each one besides being spectacular to see are all quite romantic....read more about river cruises »


    Verde Canyon Railway - It is amazing how much people enjoy saying their vows out on our open-air cars. The most popular spot is our 150 high-bridge. We stop the train on the bridge with each journey, but if there is a ceremony, we make sure that car is positioned on the bridge, and they do their vows while we sit there. The rest of the train gets a big kick out of it as well."

    The train's personnel enjoy very much being part of romantic events, and are always delighted to oblige in providing the necessary enhancements to make the event memorable.

    With advance notice, you can even charter an entire railway car for your party....read more.

Unusual Weddings, Unique Settings

    In England, "mystery tours" have long been a cultural phenomenon. A group of planners there help couples plan mystery weddings. People are told a place and time to meet; they are then taken by bus to another location for the wedding ceremony. Afterward, they are loaded on the bus again and whisked away to the reception located. After the fun and even ending fireworks, they are returned to the original location.

    People often incorporate their hobbies into their weddings. Scuba divers have been married underwater. Amusement park enthusiasts have been wed on roller coasters. Movie lovers have even rented movie theatres for their nuptials. Skydivers have been married in mid-air. Hikers can utilize National Forest shelters....read more unique and unusual wedding ideas..


    For something out of the ordinary, the Delta Queen Steamboat Company runs timeless paddlewheel riverboats along the Mississippi River between St. Paul, Minnesota and St. Louis, Missouri. The weeklong voyages stop in various river towns and feature luxurious accommodations....read more>>

Choosing a Wedding Theme

    Want to plan a theme wedding? Not sure where to begin? If your planning your own wedding theme without the assistance of a coordinator, the following hints are meant to be helpful. Hopefully they will lead you to selecting a memorable wedding that will keep your family members and friends laughing and smiling for years to come....read more about choosing a wedding theme >>

East Africa

    We have special packages for romantically inclined. This is because large groups hardly conduce romance! We have special packages to exclusive lodges and tented camps around the Rift Valley, within Game parks and around the Coast. You realize we have some of the most romantic beaches and wilderness areas in the part of the world.... read more about East Africa>>

Dog Sledding in Sweden

    Our Minisafari Husky Special is 3 days of learning all about dogs and driving your own team. There is an opportunity every day to try other winter activities such as cross country skiing, tobogganing, snow shooing, where couples enjoy playing in the snow, while returning to the warmth of a house every night.

    On the fourth day we pack our sleds and drive out on an overnight tour. After taking care of your dog team, participants enjoy many hours under the stars watching out for northern lights and simply enjoying the silence. Could this be why a number of honeymooners have chosen exactly this trip?.... read more about Dog Sledding in Sweden >>

A 15 Day Walking/Hiking Adventure in the Swiss Alps

    We provide a list of our hikes and their descriptions to each participant. Each evening, we choose our next day's hike from that list, depending on weather and how people are feeling. We let everyone know what they will experience the following day, so no research is really necessary. Our people may expect to walk through flower-filled meadows, see Swiss cows with bells on, walk below snow-capped peaks of the Matterhorn, Eiger and Jungfrau, buy Swiss cheese directly from the farmer who made it, ride a variety of cable cars and funiculars, have lunch at mountain huts with the most spectacular views in the world. Somewhere we always encounter the cows returning from the high alpine meadows, their head traditionally decorated with flowers and wearing their huge parade bells. It is a photographer's paradise!.... read more about the Swiss Alps >>

Horseback Riding
    *** Riding Andalusian horses in Spain on the beach and in the countryside is pretty romantic. The Andalusians have these long, flowing manes and beautiful, inquisitive eyes. They have a very smooth canter, so cantering along the beaches of Southern Spain outside of Donana National Park would be a suggestion.

    *** You could do that as one day and use this historic farm and inn called El Esparragal, outside of Seville, as your jumping off point. El Esparragal dates back to the Bronze Age and is still a working farm. All of the gourmet food that you will eat there is raised on the farm.

    It's a favorite spot for Spanish couples to get away for a weekend. Sunset strolls around the grounds and mid- day lunches in the courtyard are great ways to be alone with that special someone. The horses are award-winning Andalusians. The setting couldn't be more beautiful. You get the best of both worlds, horseback riding and exploring the farm on old Roman trails and then driving 15 minutes and experiencing Flamenco dancing, tapas and great nightlife in Seville. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back..... read more about the Romantic Destinations - Horseback Riding >>


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