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    Getting married in Hawaii? Rent Segways for the Wedding Party.....

    Segway of Hawaii™ offering the newest form of personal transportation device - the Segway® HT - has debuted in Hawaii, offering daily historical tours, glide rides as well as leasing and sales of Segway HTs! Operating from the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa in Waikiki, Segway of Hawaii has a wide array of tours and glide rides for Segway HT enthusiasts to enjoy. Segway of Hawaii also leases Segway HTs and also sells the personal transportation devices locally to commercial entities and private businesses, individuals and visitors wishing to have their Segway HT experience to enjoy when they return home....read more



    Verde Canyon Railway - Once you board the train, and without sacrificing comfort, you are treated to the most glorious riparian wilderness and wildlife, as the train winds around the Verde River, revealing areas that are otherwise not easily accessible.

    The restored vintage train cars are powered by a rare 1953 FP-7 diesel engines. Along the way passengers encounter magnificent waterfalls, majestic trees, crystal clear waters, wildflowers, wildlife, golden and bald eagles, numerous waterfowl, Sinagua Indian ruins, spectacular rock formations and steep canyon cliffs. This spectacular show is all situated within the confines of a wild and near-pristine ecosystem and the Sycamore Wilderness Area. You even pass through an awesome 680-foot man-made tunnel....read more about Verde Canyon Railway weddings...


    Canoe: Some brides like to arrive in a canoe, which requires a lagoon location but to choose one in Vanuatu, a little resort called Tamanu on the Beach. It is 25 minutes from Port Vila. The bride and groom are welcomed with a glass of champagne or fruit punch, warriors perform a traditional dance and guard of honour, the ceremony is under a simple canopy on the beach, then champagne to toast and finger food while documentation is signed, a celebration lunch or dinner (on the beach or in the excellent little restaurant) followed by the night in one of the romantic French Colonial cottages......read more>>


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